We give waste new life in a carbon low future

We are a technology provider of a carbon negative process converting waste to high quality synthetic gas, biochar, black carbon, oil and thermal heat.

The technology converts all solid waste, e-waste, biomass, all types of plastics, sludge, tires, wind blades, car parts, agricultural and over hundreds other waste types into energy with no emissions and is suitable for companies and cities.

Modular Solution

The solution has capacities from 12 500 t/a and can easily be scaled up. Low cost and small in size. Suitable for companies and cities.


The process is based on a patented slow gasification process that uses thermolyzation in a patented 3 stage reactor system in an oxygen free environment. The unique process converts waste into high quality gas, low contamination, light oil and coke.


The technology can handle hundreds of waste type as feedstock. The unique process has been optimized over the last 30 years and achieves a much higher energy recovery than competing solutions.

Certified with Performance Guarantee

The solution and the products are all certified and approved from Germany. A performance guarantee can be obtained by one of Germany’s largest insurance company.

The global waste challenge

Global waste is expected to grow to 3.40 billion tones by 2050. Driven by environmental regulations in the EU thermal treatment of waste is becoming increasingly important.

In Europe, natural gas is currently the key for the reduction of greenhouse gases from power generation during the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Our syn gas plant produces high quality syn gas from waste which is characterized as natural gas. The solution is economically viable, small in size and can easily be installed and managed at nearly every landfill site and by companies with high energy consumption.