The syn gas plant comes with a performance guarantee from the Munich Re insurance company in Germany.

All the downstream products are certified by German DWGW.

The technology is developed in Germany since 1993 with the University of Cottbus. The technology has a German-European and US patent and is proven at full scale.

The process is fully compliant with the EU framework and regulations. All downstream products are certified by the German DWGW.


Dr. Reinhardt Unger is a professor in process engineer and started research projects within recycling industry and pyrolysis technology in the 1980’s. He worked 20 years with R&D in one of Germany’s largest chemical company, before he established his own technology company.

The syn gas plant was developed in cooperation with University of Cottbus in 1993 and has been continuously improved over the last 40 years. The technology was first commercially proven in 2005 when it wast successfully installed and operated at a full scale industrial plant in Germany.

Norwegian Green Tech is a norwegian company with a license to commercialize the technology together with the technology provider. Norwegian Green Tech has an international team with global experts, within pyrolysis, waste management and investment banking dedicated to make a global impact.